A Date with the Czech Combi – Skoda Kodiaq Style 4×4

Skoda cars are a bomb to drive because of the well sorted chassis and spec list. Arguably this comes 3rd on the list of best Skoda cars i have driven. I had a good hour with the Kodiaq test vehicle and well, it was a breeze to drive this beauty, very classy too. Boasts considerable amount of good functional tech and quality makes this a killer competitor in its class.

It did seem to have a boxy-ish design which made me wonder ” is this a tiguan in skoda clothing?”. The answer is, No..and yes. No its not just the tiguan with a Skoda touch, Yes its based on what is called the MQB Platform. The Kodiaq is a tad bit longer than the Tiguan. Unfortunately its got only one variant option which is the Style TDI 4×4 which has got all the features and tech you need, trust me all of it. Down to the active voice enhancement for the rear passengers so that your kids in the last row dont need to scream.

In the engine bay sits a 2.0L diesel motor that puts out 148bhp and 340nm of torque, just enough to propel the 1.9 ton tank. At certain points the car does feel a tad bit underpowered and sluggish. The engine is mated to a 7 speed DSG 4X4 Transmission which calls for seamless shifts, no noticeable jerks on upshifts.

To be honest, the Kodiaq was a very surpiring car to drive. Did not feel like your manouvering something this big. Skoda has done a commendable job at giving us this luxury family hauler which sits exactly beside its Volkswagen cousin.


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